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The Harry Schickling Scholarship

Developing a trained, skilled workforce to support business and industry in our community is a top priority for the Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce. Fostek Corporation and the Bedford Area Chamber developed a scholarship to support students who will be attending our local CVCC campus or local in-state colleges and are interested in furthering their education and training. Support from area businesses and individuals makes it possible for us to enhance our region’s workforce through scholarship opportunities and educational initiatives at the secondary and higher education levels.

Those interested in the Harry Schickling Scholarship must submit their applications by June 12, 2021. For more information regarding how you can contribute to the scholarship contact Wende Gaylor,


Harry Schickling was an executive of Fostek Corporation, a Bedford manufacturing company when he passed away in June 2014. Harry was a very honorable family man, a Christian, a veteran, an engineer and a proud American patriot. Harry was an individual who had a vision for not only the company he was working for but also for the community.

He was a proud member of the Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce, holding multiple leadership positions over decades of service including Chairman of the Board and multiple terms as Chairman of the Government Affairs Committee. Harry had an enduring passion for the Chamber’s efforts in legislative agendas, workforce development, education and a genuine concern for the business community in the Bedford area. Our educational system is what he saw as the lifeblood of providing the area with well trained and educated individuals who would hopefully further their careers and enhance our local economy and local companies.

Special Thanks to the Fostek Corporation for their support.

Harry Schickling