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press release
June 29, 2022


Bedford Regional Water Authority Celebrates Virginia’s Drinking Water and Wastewater Professionals Appreciation Day

The Bedford Regional Water Authority (BRWA) is celebrating Virginia’s Drinking Water and Wastewater Professionals Appreciation Day on Thursday, June 30th in appreciation of the 84 people that work to provide quality water and wastewater to the Bedford community.

This day was approved by the Senate and House during the 2016 legislative session and is set apart to appreciate the thousands of water and wastewater professionals across the Commonwealth each year.

“The BRWA operates 24/7/365 to ensure high-quality service to the community. This would not happen without the people who operate our plants, work with customers, build and repair infrastructure, review design plans, mark utilities, troubleshoot technology, and keep staff safe and happy," said Brian Key, BRWA Executive Director.

This day will continue to build appreciation and support for clean water and for the work that our water and wastewater professionals do to protect the health and safety of the people  and the environment.

The BRWA encourages you to recognize your water and wastewater professionals locally and let them know that they are appreciated!

About the Bedford Regional Water Authority:

The Bedford Regional Water Authority (BRWA) provides water and wastewater services to the residents and businesses in Bedford County and the Town of Bedford; additionally, the BRWA partners with the Western Virginia Water Authority to serve customers surrounding Smith Mountain Lake in both Bedford and Franklin County. Visit for further information.

For information contact:

Megan Pittman

Director of Administration

Bedford County Regional Water Authority

540-586-7679 ext. 121