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Legislative Policy 2020

Approved by the Government Affairs Committee on October 4, 2019


The Bedford Chamber of Commerce serves as a unified voice on issues that impact the Bedford Business Community.  We encourage Virginia’s General Assembly to support our Area’s businesses by favorably considering these policy positions:



  • We support Virginia's policies to invest in infrastructure and education to enhance our area’s competitiveness in economic development.
  • The Bedford Area Chamber supports proposals that will simplify the tax code and reduce the cost of compliance on businesses and individuals.



  • We support efforts to increase teacher salaries, which will allow Virginia to better recruit and retain educators in a shrinking teacher workforce.
  • We believe funding for workforce development is a priority for state, regional and local education providers and encourage adequate funding.
  • We support alignment between colleges and universities and the business community to better meet workforce and talent demands.
  • We support fully funding the Virginia Jobs Investment Program.



  • We support continued financial support for GO Virginia and the Virginia Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission.
  • We support continued funding for Tourism and Agri-tourism initiatives.
  • We support policies that make it easier to conduct business in Bedford County.
  • We support funding for business growth and expansion programs such as the Enterprise Zone Program.
  • We support the continued use of Historic Tax Credits as a revitalization tool.



  • We encourage the General Assembly to actively support a passenger rail stop in Bedford. We believe that a passenger rail stop is one of the most important investments that could be made in our economy.
  • We support more resources for multimodal transportation options.



  • We support initiatives that will provide business with more health care provider choices with lower costs.
  • We support initiatives that will strengthen behavioral health services in the Bedford community.



  • The Bedford Area Chamber believes that businesses can best support wage increases in an environment where business growth can support them. We are opposed to mandates for increasing the minimum wage outright.
  • We support Virginia’s Right To Work Laws and oppose laws or regulations that undermine our Commonwealth’s Right To Work status.



  • Any state or federal mandates to localities should be fully funded.