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Member Information Center (MIC) Tutorials

A key feature to take advantage of is the Events Listing section of the Member Information Center. Adding, managing, and event viewing have all been combined into one easy to use feature.

From the Home Screen, click the events button located at the top. This will take you to the Event page of the site. From here, members can search and view events created by other members, register for events, and see the events already registered for by clicking on the button on the left of the screen. You can also see a list of past events attended.

Members can either manually search for events by scrolling through the list, or they can narrow their search by keywords entered in the event creator, choosing categories or a month. The listing of the events can be changed and narrowed by choosing start and end dates on the calendars above the posted list.

Click the Add Event button to go to the event creator page. Fill in general information, start and end dates (which helps other members find your event), details, locations and a map to the event, possible fees, as well as checkboxes that the creator can mark or unmark depending on their wanted event visibility preference.

Members can also add photos of the event in previous years or whatever pictures they wish to convey their event. Additionally to pictures, a Youtube video can be added to your event.

Once created the event can be managed and edited in the mange event section.